As a team, you'll be challenged on your ability to work together, keep cool and make the most of your individual skills. 60 minutes in the footprints of Indiana Jones will be an awesome experience for all of you. It's also a great alternative to physically demanding teambuilding events.

The design of our rooms requires that you work together to escape. There are plenty of tasks for everyone and the tasks are designed to get all competences into play. We'll add a pinch of time pressure to fuel the fun.

On top of learning more about your ability to think creatively and solve puzzles, you also get to train co-operation. And, who knows, maybe you'll learn something about yourselves and your behavioural patterns during the mission.

Furthermore, it's possible for your HR employees to observe your group from our control room. A good way to get feedback on your behaviour and/or teamwork after the session.

To book an escape room for your next corporate event, call us at +45 9191 3737. If you have particular requests for your event, we are happy to help. In this way you will get the best experience possible in our escape rooms.