Anybody can participate in breaking the codes in an escape room and you don't need experience from other escape rooms to get a fun and exciting experience.

Therefore, escape rooms are ideal for family parties, corporate events, stag or hen parties, teambuilding or a great evening out with friends.

The age limit to try our escape rooms is 13 years.


"Trapped in the Amazon" is suitable for kids from 8 years acompanied by adults. 

No. Our escape rooms are neither dangerous nor scary but some of the themes and props can appear spooky to children.

Under each room here on our webpage you can find "Scare factor" that tells you how scary the rooms are.

While you are working on your mission, you are locked up in the room. However in the room, there is a "panic button", so you can always choose on your own to leave the room. The button is never really used, but is for safety. 



You have to use your creativity, your sense of logic and you must work together. If you need help with the clues, our Game Masters are ready to assist you.

We can always adjust the difficulty, so all players have a great experience.

No. You don't have to be a master of mathematics or be a walking encyclopaedia. Neither do you have to be as strong as an ox or be in the best shape of your life to complete the mission. However, you will be challenged on your sense of creativity and logic and your ability to cooperate.

At Escape Denmark in Frederikshavn we have 4 experiences that can fit 25 people at the time.

If you are more than 25 people, we can use our cozy room. We have great experience with groups up to 50 people, where half are relaxing and chilling while the other half is playing our games.

If you choose this model, the time frame would be about 3 hours.

The games are not dependent on languages. If any texts do appear in the games, they will be written in very basic and easy-to-understand English.

The game itself lasts 60 minutes. Including brief and debrief on your mission, you should expect approximately one and half hour in total. You must show up 15 minutes before your actual start time.

You must be sober when you're playing. If your brain works slowly you might not get out again.

Our Virtual Reality Escape Room is a multiplayer game, where you work

together to solve your mission. The game is played with state-of-the-art

equipment (HTC Vive) and you will feel like you are inside the computer.

While the game is running you are seated but are able to turn around and

stretch out. The game doesn’t require any experience with computers.

Everybody can play. Virtual Reality is not recommended to people with

epilepsy or claustrophobia. We recommend contact lenses