Hundred of years ago - the 4 most feared pirates hid their biggest treasures in a wooden chest. They protected it with the power of 4 magic talismans. Can you find the talismans and also the one chest containing the most valuable treasure? Can you solve all the puzzles and become the richest men on the seven seas? Let’s find out! Good luck!


NOTICE: This is not a physical room, but transportable game consisting of five big wooden chests. If you wish to book the game at your place of work or home, please call us at +45 9191 3737. Due to the high quality of the game, we offer it in our location. When you book "Pirates" on our website, the game takes place at our location, and the price is 200 DKK per person. 

FAQ - Pirates

The game is 60 minutes. You should allocate 30 minutes other than that for briefing and de-briefing.

Pirates are not suitable for children.

The game has a difficulty that makes it very hard for children.

Age limit is 13 years.

If you have children of e.g. 10 years that are used to game and you think would enjoy the game. You can bring them :)

Since Pirates is a transportable game, it can be played everywhere. 

When you book here on site, you book the game in our location. When you arrive we have prepared the game in our cozy function room. 

The game consist of 5 large wooden chests, which should all be opened to advance in the game.

You can play if you are three people, however you must pay for at least 4 people.

The game cannot be played by only two people.

Pirates can easily be played by 9-10 people.

Just remember, the more people you are, the fewer puzzles and tasks are there for each individual team member.

We have done Pirates with 10 people with great succes.

Yes it can be booked. Just call us +45 9191 3737 to hear more.