The dolls are calling you - will you ever return home again?

Your group has been invited to a dinner with the Puppeteer and his dolls. Written in the dinner invitation:

"I have an important announcement that I wish to share with you. The time has come! You will not regret it if you join my soirée. But you might regret it if you do not."

Your curiosity is piqued and though you are filled with fear you decide to go to the soirée.

Frequently asked questions - The Puppeteer's Workshop

The room itself takes up to 60 minutes. Other than that you should expect 30 minutes for the introduction and de-briefing.

The Puppeteer's Workshop is not suitable for kids.

The room is built on a scary story and can therefore be scary for the young ones. The age limit is 13 years.

Our rooms have no living people in them. We will not scary you with a man running down an aisle with a chainsaw :D

You can be 2 people only. But notice that we have minimum payment for 3 people.

You can fit 7 people in the room.

Our recommendation is maximum 6 people, however if your group size is 7 people, and you would like to stay together, we can fit you.

Just make a booking for 6 people and choose "Pay later". You will then pay when you arrive.