Will you find the antidote or will you end up as shrunken heads in the chief's private collection? 

You have been selected for an important expedition to the Amazon. Your mission is to find and bring home a legendary flower. Unfortunately, you are also close to the Jivaro Indian territory and without hearing it the Jivaros fired their silent shots with blow guns. You are now captives in their camp and have been infected with poison from the golden poison frog, Phyllobates terribilis. Within 60 minutes you have to find the antidote or else you will suffer a slow and painful death. 

Frequently asked questions - Trapped in the Amazon

The room itself takes up to 60 minutes. Other than that you should expect 30 minutes for the introduction and de-briefing.

Trapped in the Amazon is suitable for kids down to 8 years accompanied by adults.

The game and the puzzles are designed for adults, however it is our experience that the little ones see things that the grown-ups doesn't.

The kids can't solve everything themselves, but they can contribute to the solution.

The room is nicely decorated which makes it fun for the kids.

Remember: Children are very different. We have also had 6 year old's that loved the game. The worst thing that can happen is that the kids get bored.



You can be 2 people only. But notice that we have minimum payment for 3 people.

You can fit 7 people in the room.

Our recommendation is maximum 6 people, however if your group size is 7 people, and you would like to stay together, we can fit you.

Just make a booking for 6 people and choose "Pay later". You will then pay when you arrive.